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Wax Injector Machines

Low power consumption, low air consumption, film pneumatic conveying system with high intelligence operation unit, wireless communication module, can read and write operations more convenient and flexible. Set up rubber mold parameters, the GREEN HAND will be able to go into operation, more effective solution to the large quantities of diverse orders, establish high yield wax injection units, reduce labor reliance program to help companies improve their situation of lacking workers, workers expensive, difficulty of managing workers. Its super weapon for jewelry, eyewear, watches, metal lost wax casting and other industries.

 wax injector

Wax Injector

We offer customers optimum functionality oriented Vacuum Wax Injectors that are precision designed to deliver high accuracy based operations in a given environment. Featuring user friendly interface, these machines deliver optimized performance at much lower operational costs. Other expertise lies in offering these with customized specifications as demanded by the customers.

Features of Digital Vacuum Wax Injector:

  • Good filling Vacuuming of the mold before injection ensures good filling for fine filigree and difficult designs
  • Accurate temperature control. Wax tank temperature and nozzle temperature are individually controlled so that accurate injection temperature is obtained
  • This model has a 99-hour "Heater-ON timer" so you can start injection work at a specific time. It will improve electricity cost and will increase efficiency

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